10 lessons for '10

Here we are. Back at the old blog. 'Bout time I'd say.

10) Starting new things means you will do lots of starting over. Starting over doesn't mean failure...it means refocusing. The only real failure would be not starting at all (and thus a re-blog is born)

9) When you have been emptied, you have the choice of letting God fill you back up, or letting hurt and bitterness fill you back up. Some of that filling requires waiting first - sometimes for a long time. Sometimes it means letting go of things--and people--that God no longer intends to use as part of your filler. But know that something will fill the emptiness. It's my choice what it will be.

8) Jesus did say turn the other cheek, and I do believe that everyone needs to be treated equally in terms of kindness, patience, gentleness, generosity, love, etc., etc.  However, I do not believe that we are called to tolerate abuse, hurtful acts, lies, baiting or back biting from Christians who ought to know better. These actions leave us with the choice of scriptural confrontation and if resolution cannot be reached, with lovingly walking away.  Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Not all relationships are meant to be carried on a level playing field of intimacy, and we are allowed to choose who is in the most intimate circle without it being a punishment or being an act of unloveliness or discourtesy. We are called to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

7) There are times when speaking up will only serve to confirm all the worst things that someone thinks about you. Speak up any way. Hurting people, acts that cause pain and sin are never to be silently approved of...regardless of the personal consequences.

6) Taking up running (or I assume any rigorous physical discipline, running is the one I chose) will teach you more spiritual lessons than you ever imagined could be tied to the flesh. And your butt will look better in your jeans.

5) Sometimes the truest way of loving someone is letting them go.

4) The more often you expect to find grace and blessing, the more readily it is found. Train your eyes to look on things the way God does, and He is never hard to find.

3) Someone who takes the time and effort to bring out the best in you, will receive more results, more love, more gratitude and more appreciation and a more willing spirit for further instruction than the person who looked for the worst, found it, and punished accordingly.  This is something that I hope to assimilate into my own relationships with others having been on the receiving end of it myself  this year.

2) Humility and repentance will always proceed restoration...it is the only foundation on which God can truly build. As painful as the razing is, the resulting new creation is that much more incredible.

1) God is BIGGER. He's bigger than foreclosure, than bankruptcy, than my hurt, than my hate, than my bitterness, than my fear, than my plans, than my expectations, than my family, than my comfort, than anything I can imagine... but my faith is now that much bigger as a result. He's not through with me yet. The best is yet to come.


Monika said...

GREAT list. (((hugs)))

Pattie said...

"The best is yet to come" - indeed.
Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

The best IS yet to come!! I am thankful you've learned a lot and I am especially thankful you are in the place you are now!


Leann said...

Amazing lessons... I love you!