In which I keep moving forward

Today, you took a step. You either moved closer to or further away from what you hope to be. Most people moved further away. A handful overcame the negative inertia of this fallen world and moved forward. But nobody—nobody—stood still. -- Andy Stanley

I read this quote today as I was riding home from Second Christmas in Tennessee. I've been slowly but surely mulling over my aspirations for the new year - I love making plans and lists - new days, new weeks, new months, new years all are awesomeness in my book. Something to fill with the possibilities of more-ness. It always seems the possibilities are endless at the beginning of things, and sometimes, the end of the year can be a let down if we feel we squandered time and opportunity, suffered deep wounds, lost jobs or homes or loved ones, knowingly hurt others. There are so many ways we disappoint ourselves, and I am not immune to these types of reminiscings as well. In the ends it boils down to realizing that despite all the ways the year may have disappointed, or I may have fallen short, I am still here...right now. Today. And that means that I can move one of two ways: closer to or farther from the person I want to be.

To begin with, I'd like to list the successes and joys of 2010:

*We are, officially, debt free--no matter how we got here, it's what we are now.
*I became a runner
* I exercised more months than not this year ( 8 months total of consistent exercise)
* I learned a lot about forgiving, dying to self and repentance. These are good lessons though never pleasant.
*Though my circle of close relationships became smaller, those that remain are trusted deeply, appreciated more sweetly, builders of true character in me and models of integrity to follow.
*I read a lot of books. I didn't keep a list like I wanted (well I did for about half the year) but I read and loved it, and LEARNED
*My marriage got better
* I taught THREE middle schoolers!
* I stopped beating myself up for what's past, accepted my part, and let go the rest.

Since it is the victories and not the disappointments I hope to build on, it is these things that I will use to start building my plan for 2011


Katie said...

Beautiful! I think that I need to make a list like this instead of the way I have been thinking.

Pattie said...

I love this post. Thank you for being in my own trusted circle of truth-tellers and heart-lovers. Love you!

perry2620 said...

I love this quote. A lot.

I was going to say you are an inspiration to me (and you are) but even more so, I love watching you and seeing Christ. You make me want to be more like Him.

I love you. A lot.

Maria said...

Like Pattie said. Thank you for being you, and being there for me as well