The Delightful Year

God was kind to me in 2010. He gave me the theme of Delight. As is always the case, it didn't go exactly as I would have scripted it, in fact parts of it were darn near excruciating, but in the end, obedience brought blessing. I have recognized and delight in the tremendous blessing, delivery, and generous restoration that God lavished upon me and my family this past year, and it is truly delightful.

My theme verse for the year was Psalm 23:

 1-3 God, my shepherd! I don't need a thing. 
   You have bedded me down in lush meadows, 
      you find me quiet pools to drink from. 
   True to your word, 
      you let me catch my breath 
      and send me in the right direction. 

In the world's eyes, it would seem as though we lost everything in a twelve month period: lost our home, most of our friends, job, house, reputation, credit...everything. Instead we find ourselves at the end of a very long tunnel completely provided for, rescued from a church that is a struggling to regain integrity and solid Biblical leadership, and placed us in a place that is both challenging and extremely rewarding.  Top it off with some of the most amazing scenery, gorgeous seasons and a lake outside our back door, and He didn't just provide, He showed off.  He restored entirely all the things I had believed gone for good - a place on the worship team, a disciple class, people to read with, study with, laugh with, be comfortable, close to and honest with.  He changed my life abruptly and completely only to take me to somewhere so much better that it defies my words.

 4 Even when the way goes through 
      Death Valley, 
   I'm not afraid 
      when you walk at my side. 
   Your trusty shepherd's crook 
      makes me feel secure.

My Hunky commented the other day that When we don't trust God for our future that we belittle what He has done for us in the past. I won't challenge God by saying "There is nothing He has not put us through" because I know very well there is plenty that would be even harder still. What I will say is that I need no further proof. My God has me right in the palm of His hand - where ever that takes me, whatever it means for my life. I am not afraid (or at least, not very afraid when I can keep my focus.)

 5 You serve me a six-course dinner 
      right in front of my enemies. 
   You revive my drooping head; 
      my cup brims with blessing.

I can't say much here without it becoming a snark-fest. I will just say our delivery is known. And I believe to many it is a bitter one due to choices of their own making. I don't revel in that, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction, and, yes, healing that comes with that knowledge. 

 6 Your beauty and love chase after me 
      every day of my life. 
   I'm back home in the house of God 
      for the rest of my life.

Amen! Amen! He has surely pursued me with an undying love beyond anything I deserve. I am blessed more than I could ever earn, and my prayer is that I never take it for granted. He is a great and gracious God.

I will miss the Delightful year but I believe the great treasure of it is that I don't really have to say goodbye to it. God's mercies, and His blessings are new every morning. Right there for me to find them if I only keep the right focus. 

"GodGod, a God of mercy and grace, endlessly patient—so much love, so deeply true—loyal in love for a thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, rebellion, and sin. Still, he doesn't ignore sin. He holds sons and grandsons responsible for a father's sins to the third and even fourth generation." Exodus 34:7


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Amen! Just a delightful (yes) and happy post!

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I am so happy for you!

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Delightfully beautiful!

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Amen!! This makes me very happy!

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AMEN!! Takes me back in time to leaving Tallassee Alabama and moving to Miss.

Can you tell I am playing catch up?