The End of the Beginning (Multitudes on Monday)

It's the end of January. The end of the first month of another year. The ending of the beginning. There are so many times when I reach an ending that I look back and think "Well, that could have gone better." Why do we do that? Why do we focus only on that which we did imperfectly? Because don't we do it ALL imperfectly. I know I do. To be quite honest, I'm tired of that kind of thinking. I'm tired of it never being enough, of focusing on failure, of seeing only the lack.  I'm not doing it anymore, because here's the facts: No, I didn't do everything perfectly this month (or even this day), but taken as a whole, it has been a tremendous month. Tremendous. Maybe the best first month of a new year I have ever had. What's more is, I didn't do it alone. If you are reading this, chances are you played a big part in this great month, and I'd like to say thank you. It's good to have a hand to hold along the way.

121. Sistahs
122. Good dogs
123. Someone else's story given to you to share - what a beautiful gift
124. Weddings
125. Watching a husband's face as his wife sings
126. 70* days in January
127. Boots that just make you feel good
128. Gifts in the mail
129. Donations that make your heart break
130. Endings
131. New markers and a new sketch pad
132. Holding a sweet baby until she falls asleep
133. Gingerbread cookies
134. warm slippers
135. A Cheshire cat mug filled with coffee.


Maria said...

did you get my mail yet??? Probably not, yet. It didn't go until Friday.

Pattie said...

I just love this practice of listing. And sharing the lists with each other.

UKZoe said...

Love your list!