In Which I am Cared For

My sweet hunky made me dinner tonight. This is the part where he would start deflecting and saying that no, he really just warmed some leftovers up in the oven, and he wouldn't be lying. But the thing is, he didn't have to. I could have, and happily would have taken care of the matter. I wasn't busy, hadn't spent the day working hard, as he had. There was no real reason for him to do it. But he did. While I read my book.  He fixed it, and served it and brought it to me with a glass of wine, while I sat on my bed and read a book-- a reflection of what I had been "actively working on" all afternoon long.

That's my life. All. The. Time.

Every day, in more ways than I realize or recognize, I am cared for.  In big ways. In small ways. In silly ways that include rewarmed corn on the cob leftovers, I am a spoiled rotten wife.

I like to think about this when I think about how the marriage relationship is a reflection of Christ and His church. How amazing is it to think that every day in a million little ways, God, Himself, looks for and delights in blessing us in a million big and little ways--often in ways we never see or realize. We are completely and utterly adored, our company is deeply desirable, and in fact God waits in anticipation for us to enter His presence. He hangs on our every word, treasures our every dream, breathes life into our every hope, protects, comforts, wipes our tears, and even takes out the garbage at the end of a long week.

I know all these things because everyday, I see it modeled in person because I am blessed to receive a double portion (and he will interrupt here and say imperfectly ), every. single. day.

Cared for? Indeed. Beyond anything I could ever earn or would dare ask for.


Katie said...

:) Today's message at church was on marriage and how it is a reflection of Christ. :) I am happy you have this kind of marriage.

Maria said...

I envy you - that you can accept this and not feel insanely guilty, because I can't