In which I Resume a Habit that Shouldn't Have Been Neglected

Multitudes on Monday

76. Saying the perfect thing without even trying
77. Cheese grits and shrimp
78. Electric Blankets
79. Lists
80. Sixty women working together to grow closer to God
81. Realizing that I just don't matter, and being o.k. with it
82. Running in the sun on a winter day
83. Abundance - even if it means reorganizing it
84. Rediscovering myself through writing
85. New Year's aspirations
86. Amazon gift cards
87. Learning to lean deeper in to the one who provides all
88. Anticipating
89. Warm Jammies on a cold evening
90. Stars on a winter's night.


UKZoe said...

Like your list.
I need to get back into the habit of doing a quick written thankful list before bed so that I can remember the stuff when it comes to writing the weekly blog post.

Becky Perry said...