In which I stay in the Moment instead of leaping ahead where I'm not meant to be yet

You know it's coming don't you? Do you hear it whispering...


It's right around the corner and it taunts me with its clean slate promise. There are new lists to make, new challenges to tackle, new happy themes to contemplate (fall in love again--couldn't you just die from all the possibility?)

But there's something standing in the way, and that something is seven more days.

Here's the thing about me. I'm a great starter. Man I love good a start more than anyone else I know. I'm only about a 50/50 finisher though. Sometimes the ratio may drop a bit. So while my intentions may be good, my path....meanders. Many times it's because I am so busy racing to the next thing (ooohhh shiny! shiny!) that I forget to wait a few minutes or hours or days and ensure that I have received all the lessons, all the growing, all the marrow out of the space I am already occupying.

January's been a good month..and it's almost time to evaluate and use it as a stepping stone, but not yet.
February has so much promise and blessing waiting to be poured out, but not yet, because January is still pregnant and waiting the right time to birth it's successor.

Today is all I have and I don't want to miss it looking over its shoulder for the next thing.
I want to be a strong finisher, not missing even one moment of the good stuff that's sitting right. here. in. my. hand (even more delicious than a big soft gingerbread cookie)


Maria said...

I know what you mean, being a starter and not a finisher. I am the.same.way.... at which the numerous project bags on my side of the bed will attest.

I need that Happiness Project book, I think..........

homebirthhoney said...

fellow 50/50 finisher here too.

Lorri said...

Oh, I relate to this more than you know! I needed this reminder. :)