In which a Plan is Born

Can you smell it? That's the fresh new smell of a brand new year and it's beautiful. No, I never keep all my aspirations. No, I never get to the end of my lists. I don't expect to. But most years I end up accomplishing more because I have made a plan, or a list or a group of goals than if I hadn't bothered to begin so. So, I keep making my lists year after year. It's a simple thing that brings me great joy. I have a conglomeration of two plans this year.  Last year I read The Happiness Project and loved it: loved the concept, the follow through, the flexibility, the fun of it. I did make a 12 month plan, and I actually followed it (for the most part) even if I failed to blog about it. So I decided to incorporate it into this year as well. I am keeping the last six monthly themes that start this year while ending the year of the project (since I started in June) and continuing on, with a bit more actual focus until the end of 2011.
Here are the six themes I have yet to complete:

January: Explore and Grow;       February: Fall in Love Again;
 March: Create;                           April: Pursue Passion;
May: Celebrate;                        June: Take Risks

I don't have the next six yet. But by the end of the week I hope to have them and to decide if I keep the Everyday Happies blog or move it here. Decisions, decisions. 

My other plan (and here's where it gets a little tricky) is to set 5 mini-goals for each month, each one in a set of five categories:


The hope is that I can make these fit my theme for the month--but that may not happen, and that's ok too. It doesn't all have to fit together pretty-like (it will be fun when it does though!)

This, of course, brings me to my goals for the month of January:

*Spiritual: Start a small group; start a Bible in a year program; develop a scripture memorization plan; reading

*Physical: keep running; start 10k training; add arms and abs to routine

*Creative: Blogging- 3x a week at least

*Organizational: menu-plan and budgeting fun; finding some low cost recipes that everyone will eat

*Grab Bag - start family Monday movie and game night; Speak ONLY well of my kids; read a lot; Cut WAY down on computer time


Maria said...

we are talking about a family game or movie night -- but it won't be Monday nights, maybe Sunday nights.

and yeah computer time is going to decrease here too.

I am doing Beth Moore scripture memory team this year on her blog -- but that probably isn't as much as you will be doing.

I will be blogging more myself

okay going now so I don't blog on your comments anymore

Windy said...

I love the site establishedfootsteps.com and all their free memorization devos. It's typically 1-2 verses per week which was manageable and obtainable for me.

Katie said...

Some great ideas! More than I could do without being overwhelmed. I wish you well and will pray for you.

Sara said...

LOVE THIS. LOVE YOU. You inspire me, ya know.

Madame Rubies said...

I want to buy this book. I have enough for my Kindle now, but will wait and order it later in the week, when I get my bday money from Dad and can order my cover at the same time.