In Which the Snow Makes Me Lose Track of the Days (Multitudes on Monday)

You might not know this (tongue in cheek) but I am utterly in love with seasons. It almost makes up for being hundreds of miles from the ocean to have them. Sunday and yesterday we had snow and ice and sleet and some other slick and chilly precipitation Yesterday the world was encased in white crystalline beauty. Yes, it was an inconvenience to many. No, we didn't get mail or our trash picked up.  We spent the day wrapped in luxurious warmth: the fireplace, heaters, electric throw blankets. We bundled up to traipse around outside, sounds strangely magnified, the crunch, crunch crunch of ice under foot, the sky metallic whites and grays matching the monochrome landscape, ice in the shapes of leaves and flowers coming inside balanced precariously on outstretched gloved hands.  Hunky home to enjoy the day as well.  I don't necessarily desire to have to plan my days around winter weather for months on end, but days that are so encased in uniqueness that we forget to name them are wonderful.

And so, Multitudes on Monday, on a Tuesday:

91) Seasons of all sorts
92) hats, gloves, coats, boots, socks ...warm clothes in abundance
93) a garage and a shed filled with wood
94) nearness of family
95) hot chocolate and hot coffee
96) Offices closed so travel isn't necessary
97) heat-- in all its forms
98) a community that calls to check in on each other
99) a big bowl of pasta
100) anticipating new groups of people to learn about God with (small group and Weds. Nights)
101) purging the excess
102) broccoli cheese soup
103) slippers
104) gifts of clothing
105) enjoying each other day after day, year after year


Sara said...

YAY SNOW! This made me exceedingly happy. I love you, and all your seasons.

Pattie said...

What a great list! I truly take joy in your love of the seasons!