In Which there is a Mid-Winter Respite

We had a break in the weather today. The sun shone fiercely and though the wind was fast and chill, the temperature climbed...and climbed...and by noon the first of the two digits rose to 6, a phenomena I haven't been privy to in at least two months ( I remember a warm Thanksgiving Day with shorts involved ). Since then it's been layers and socks and fires and electric blankets,  a frosty cold walk under a million brittle stars while my breath mists out just before bed.

I do love winter.

But on a day like today the lizard in me peaks out it's little head. And I drag a chair off the porch (still too cool in the shade, by far) and into the sun, stretch out and turn my face to it. An offering, a burning away of cold and grey and chill.  I close my eyes and see brilliantly pink through my lids, the object of my affection.  Sleeves pushed up, socks discarded, white ankles gleaming under rolled cuffs. It isn't sun bathing, but it wants to be.  My skin remembers the prickle of heat.

And I sigh.

Because tonight I know there will be coat and gloves and stocking feet, and flannel sheet warmth when the heater clicks off until morning.

I do love winter.
But it was lovely to get a glimpse of a season awakening once again.

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contessa20 said...

I am happy for you.
I am.
I can't wait for that day to emerge up here.

And, as a little aside, I have to say that as much as I am SO ready for winter to be O-V-E-R I am very proud of myself that I have not been one bit frightened about driving in the snow and ice. Even Dale mentioned the other day that he thought I would have holed up until summer and decreed that he do all the driving until then. Go me! :)