At the End of a Perfect Day

 I have a few "heavier" blogs rolling through my head, but tonight is not a night for heavy blogging.

After almost a week of dragging, foggy headedness, headaches, leg aches, and random mood swings, I think the sugar is out. I'm fairly certain I have consumed upwards of six gallons of water since Monday so it should be.

Today, I felt human again.
 Human enough to run this morning and take a walk in the late afternoon.
Warm enough to put on a tank top and shorts and sun screen and sit lizard like in the sun for almost 5 hours. I am about one degree shy of sunburn which should subside enough overnight for a repeat lizard performance tomorrow.
The temperature today stuck fast at a balmy 77*.  The windows are flung wide (even now). I can just hear the peepers in the low boggy areas all around.

My body feels tired and my brain simply at peace.
My head is quiet which rarely ever happens.
My tummy is full from a giant bowl of whole wheat linguine topped with deliciously sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, olives and a wee bit of onion. It was amazing.

My children are tubbed and scrubbed (a set of activities in which my presence is no longer required or even close to welcome) and settling in quietly (at last) to watch a movie.

Tomorrow awaits with some busyness but if it's done quickly and early, the afternoon sun will beckon me outside again, and I will go gladly smelling faintly of the ghost of summer to come in my sunblock.

This is the kind of day I was made for. It's rarity only makes it that much sweeter.

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Madame Rubies said...

I love the new background. Pretty colors!

And your dinner sounds better than mine.