Breathing Prayer

I've been thinking a lot about prayer. I'm not so good at it, in the formal sense.
Head bowed.
Eyes closed.
Hands folded.

I aspire to be more like Thomas Merton or Brother Lawrence, but I don't think they had kids, or home schooled, or....
comparisons really don't matter. I'm not them.

I speak to God quite often; I listen more - if prayer is turning thoughts to God, that part I do well.
But focusing, really focusing on prayer, on warfare, on intercession - it's caught my Spirit. It needs addressing.

It is not my natural bent.
I'm starting at the beginning-shoring up the weakest link. Choosing the thing I do most unconsciously to be my starting point.

Prayer Breathing.

I chose an apt sentence. "I am weak. Lord, You are strong."

Seven syllables ( a natural breathing rhythm fits to 7 the God number- no coincidence there.)
(inhale) I am weak
(exhale) Lord, You are strong

As natural as breathing, as ceaseless as life, as simple as truth.

I can breath. I can pray.
I am weak. He is strong.

It seems a good place to start prayer.


Maria said...

Oh D. I love that! Thanks for sharing

Madame Rubies said...

When I was taking Yoga, I always fit the Lord's Prayer into my breath pattern for Shavasana (I may have spelled that wrong). I use that concept now, whenever I need to slow my mind and be in the moment.