Daniel Fast Observations: Week 1

I only have about fifteen minutes to blog, now that I have put it off to nearly the end of the day, but I wanted to write this blog anyway, so it all works out magnificently, doesn't it?

  • Sunday night marked one whole week on the  Daniel Fast...as of now, it twelve days until I get coffee again, and honestly, that's almost my only complaint now. 
  • A week ago Tuesday we are simply calling the No Good, Very Bad Day. Sugar withdrawals are real and they are naaaaaaasssty. It is really going to make me think twice about how much I let back into my system at the end of this.
  • Eating like this requires a bit more time and preparation, and a bit of inventiveness and open mindedness. I've now made my own crackers, my own refried beans, any number of smoothies and changed what I thought breakfast had to look like.
  • There aren't many foods I really miss. I am a vegetarian anyway and am loving the meals. Fortunately I've not been in a situation where there were many foods that tempted me either, maybe that's why I don't miss them.
  • I miss coffee.
  • I ate some Craisins the first day. Craisins have sugar. I did not know this. Make a note of that if you want to try the fast.
  • Now that the sugar is out, I feel phenomenal. I have plenty of energy (I've worked out consistently harder since last week).
  • I did not do the fast in order to lose weight, but I have lost a visible amount of weight since starting.
  • God has revealed a great deal to me as we've walked this out.
  • The spiritual aspect of this fast for me has been prayer. We've had some amazing time together, me and God.
  • The Daniel Fast cookbook was a very wise purchase.
  • I plan to continue to eat very closely to this even after the 21 days
  • But not the no coffee part. I'm adding coffee back in.
  • And wine. I miss wine.
  • I'm looking forward to the next two weeks!


izzykent said...

I am actually doing this next month. You inspired me to do it with a group from work! Love you!

Madame Rubies said...

Love that you are doing this.

Cathy N said...

I should have warned you about the craisin thing...I did the same thing. I also love the Daniel Fast cookbook. Praying for you! Loving reading how God is working in your life during the fast. Well, always really but you know what I mean!