In Which I Give you Lists in an Attempt to Write a Blog Before Midnight

You may not know this, but I have a listy blog. I love listies, but I haven't done well with the blog.
I ordered a book called "List Yourself," it hasn't arrived yet, but I do love the blog in all it's glorious listy goodness. I plan to better with it this month.
I also plan to keep my book list for each month there. I already did that for January.

I also have plans to actually write down my February goals. Tomorrow is the day. Really and for true.
I have to start taking pictures or something (a goal for some time this year) so I am not scrambling on Wednesday. I need to plan better to get a blog done on this crazy fun day.

Don't you love my lists though? Really and for true, tell me this counts as an actual blog today.

I'm too darn stubborn to let a day go now that I'm ten days into this committment.
**distracts readers with shiny things**

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duly distracted