In Which I Look Hubris in the Eye and Blink

  I mentioned earlier that I was starting the Daniel fast on Monday. Long story short: all veggies, all fruits, no meat, no yeast, no sugars or additives, only water to drink.  I've been a vegetarian for about five years or so the prospect didn't daunt me too much. I do like my morning coffee (And sometimes afternoon), but on the occasions when I don't get a cup, I've not really noticed an ill side effects. Overall, had you asked me, I looked at the transition as one that would take self control, but that wouldn't be too terribly difficult to accomplish.  If you had asked me even yesterday afternoon, I would have still said the same.

Then last night, the mac truck hit me.

I'm not so sure I've had more than two coherent thoughts between then and now.

I have slept - A LOT, been cranky, been unable to form coherent thought, been in a total fog, and been blankly wandering around trying to figure out where to even try to focus.

Mercy. MERCY.

Tonight I'm actually starting to smile again, and I think I could work a few math problems if I had to. I might be able to read for more than 3 minutes at a time and my ears aren't ringing.

Guess who wasn't quite as healthy or prepared as she thought she was...

I think I could probably spend the next 19 days pondering the spiritual ramifications of that message.  But I'm pretty sure God hasn't even gotten started with me yet.

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