In Which I'm Late! I'm Late! For a Very Important Date!

It's Feb 5th, and I have yet to find the time to sit down and organize my thoughts and goals for this month. So far, yes, it's been that kind of week! I'm tired of feeling unfocused and drifting along without goals in mind, so it's time to put words on paper (word on paper = peace of mind) and start getting the focus I desire.

Here's what I accomplished in January:

  • I read 18 books. I do not think I can keep that pace, or even close, through the year. I read a great deal of brain candy. If I can read ten books this month I will be happy.
  • I exercised consistently, 5-6 days a week every week
  • I menu planned, and we were able to cut our grocery bill down as a result--including a large restocking trip we still came in under budget
  • Family meals and family movie night were consistent
  • I built and am maintaining a house work and home school maintenance plan.
  • I cleaned and organized several areas including the master closet, the yarn stash, and the kitchen cabinets 
  • I blogged 18 times
  • I was consistent in Bible reading and study, and was incredibly blessed by a group of now one hundred women who are reading with me. That's exciting!!!
All in all, I call the month a success. There are things I did not accomplish, but when I look at that list, I have nothing to complain about.  The truth is, these are mainly things that should have been in place anyway so I plan to continue consistency with them and build on a nice solid foundation.

As I mentioned in January, I plan to set five mini-goals for myself each month:

Spiritual - practice prayer and begin study on Old Testament festivals. Continue daily Bible reading; begin memorizing Psalms 119

Physical - abs and arms (didn't do it last month as planned) back up to consistent 5k distance

Creative - start sketching again; watch more movies; finish 5 yarn projects; blog every day in Feb.

Organizational - Girls rooms and bathroom deep cleaned; organized; overhauled for spring

Grab-bag - send some fun mail; Mission trip planning; bird watching; write 12 times on the list blog

I have a few more personal goals as well, but this is in-depth enough for public consumption. Here's to a great February and maybe even finding a little breathing room!


Maria said...

good for you dear friend! I NEED to sit down and organize my thoughts, lists, etc. I make these grand plans and then don't stick to them. One thing is working on paper first. So I can see it with out getting on the computer

Pattie said...

Yay for successes!!!