In Which It isn't As Much as I Want to Say (Multitudes on Monday)

 I planned to write this long and lovely blog for today--the 19th anniversary of my first date with my hunky. But this evening my thoughts are scattered and my kids are very loud and doing something that makes the house shake. Some of the new things (like no sugar for almost twenty-four hours now) are making concentration, and patience, a bit thin this evening. So, the next this is more story segment will have to wait until tomorrow and tonight you just get the listy-- the mushy edition.

151. His smile crinkles...he's got the very best ones
152. The way he smells fresh out of the shower
153. His manly hands and feet
154. He grocery shops every. single. week.
155. Random texts to be silly, or check in, or say he loves me
156. Flowers for no reason at all
157. Sitting on the back deck (and before that the back porch) and talking for hours
158. His great big laugh
159. Watching him get excited when he tells people about Jesus
160. How picky he is about his socks/ belt/ shoes
161. He always let's me use him as a heater
162. The million little ways he spoils me
163. Watching him be a Dad to our girls
164. His funny obsessions
165. The cheesy pictures he sends me
166. He rubs my feet
167. He's the very best hugger in the wide world
168. His character
169. His passion
170. He's seen me bald, sick, sad, throwing up, balled up and weeping snottily, literally seen my internal organs, my worst fits, my ugliest moods and my deepest lows and he still thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

He's definitely a keeper


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oh I read this just in time. we have that same anniversary coming up tomorrow - well only 17 years but it was our first "date"