In Which One Got Away (Multitudes on Monday)

 The true story here is that I started this yesterday, in fact, it was mostly written and I never came back and published it. So, a day late, but never a dollar short - here it is

 I'm feeling a bit pressed in the crush of life lately. I had some thoughts a bit ago about routines becoming too important and apparently, God is still working with me on that. While I have some routines in place, they aren't enough that I can lean on them instead of simply trusting in Him that time will be available when I most need it. So far He hasn't failed me. It requires a bit of openness and spontaneity that I don't relish. It means a great deal of giving things up to Him. Day by day. Week by week. Moment by moment. It means that I have to prayerfully consider each decision, responsibility - weigh and balance and choose which are God appointed and which are simple busyness. It's hard most days, but hopefully, I'll get better at it by and by. In the meantime, I count, count, count the many blessings:

135. holding hands with the hunky at the end of the day
136. Flannel sheets worn replaced by flannel sheets new
137. Warm sweaters on cold days
138. praying for impossible things
139. Protection from the stomach flu (I will never understand how Hunky didn't get it, except God)
140. Safe travels to and fro for my Mom
141. The gift of Grandparents who love, adore, cherish and enjoy my children
142. The difficulty of choosing new Webkinz
143. A letter from my Father, gone now twelve years
144. A visit with family after too long
145. falling in live with the Word...again, again, again, again
146. sun after a week of rain
147. A week of rain to make the world explode in spring - soon, sooner than I dare imagine
148. Hot breaded french fries-- so bad, yet so good
149. A spiritual sister who walks the same path as me even when we don't plan it
150. Sharing books, and thoughts, and words and prayers and hopes with those who care.

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Nancy Dodson said...

I was wondering where yesterday's blog was. I love you my sister. And I treasure your transparency.