Prayer for the Undisciplined

 Do you know what stinks about discipline? It's hard. It's hard and it requires time, and effort, and commitment and change, and thought, and accountability, and prayer...these are things that are difficult to muster at the end of the day when you are tired and you've left the things that need doing far beyond the time when they should have been done.

Do you know what's awesome about discipline? It forms you, and shapes you; it makes you aware, and makes you rely on others to hold you up. It raises you higher than the heavens. It is the foundation for a strong tower of safety and fruitful life.  It isn't for wimps, or the wishy-washy. It isn't made for flights of fancy or to be passing fad.

Discipline is found in the stubborn, dug in, worn out, slightly jaded, hope filled, tired-eyed, broken hearted, tenaciously clinging, friend bolstered (sometimes steel-toed boot wearin'), realistic, optimistic, struggling, faith-followin', miracle believing, fall down but get up again, race running, slightly mad lovers of this world.

It's sometimes misplaced but never lost
sometimes heavy but never back breaking
sometimes lonely but never alone.

Discipline is found in a great company of imperfect folk  who somehow, and somewhat foolishly by the world's standards, believe that they can attain holiness. Fortunately for them they have it on good authority that holiness is theirs on account, if they bear fruit through...you guessed it... discipline.

It's a small club, but not exclusive. The road to is narrow but the benefits are out of this world. Its members aren't pretty, but they sure have an amazing array of stories to tell and crowns to show.  The club house is filled with green pastures and still waters. There's milk and honey for this world and a wedding banquet for the next.  I hear tell there's even streets of gold and a room for me when I've finished the work for me here.

I'll be honest, most days discipline isn't my natural bent or my desire.  I'm not very accomplished in it, certainly no authority, but I'm finding my way a little each day with a host of good company to encourage me and hold up my arms.  I'm believing that one day in the courts of the Lord will be more than worth any small effort I've put forth in this world...and I'm promised an eternity more. I'm hanging on to the promise that I'm a good work that will be completed, not by any merit of my own but by the Grace that carries me.

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Madame Rubies said...

I have a Richard Foster book on Discipline that keeps waiting for me to read it.