Shaking Things Up

I don't know about you, but God isn't one to let me get in a rut or get too complacent. I don't think either thing is true of me at this time, but, perhaps,  I might be edging in that direction. I wouldn't say that things are easy for us right now, except that, they kind of are:

  • Health wise we are all healthy and strong, hunky and I are probably the healthiest we have been in a decade or more
  • Financially, while we are still living with the consequences of our move, we are doing better with budgeting, smart spending and saving. We're certainly better off  than we have been in easily a decade.
  • Spiritually I am growing, changing, deepening - my discipline overall is improving and I can tell it in my responses and my choices.
  • Ministry remains hard work as always. That never changes, but there are definite rewards and fruit continuing to show which make the work a bit lighter. Mission trip time is fast approaching which is always big spiritual high.
  • Family life is good. Kids are learning. We enjoy each other and make time to be together. Hunky and I are still pretty mushy and gross together.
With all these good things it would be easy at this point to just kind of...coast.  

But God isn't going to let that happen. Several things have been percolating in the back of my mind for about a month now, and this week He brought one particular thing roaring to the front. So beginning Monday morning I will be starting the Daniel fast.  Fasting isn't a new concept for me, but it isn't something I have done regularly for some time, and I think it's time to get back to it again.  There are many things I hope to gain and learn from the experience. I'll be blogging about them, I am sure.

As well as food restrictions, I am giving up fiction reading for the twenty one days and there will be some computer time restriction. No more facebook games and other time wasters. 

No time for ruts or complacency here. I've got work.


Madame Rubies said...

I want to be good at fasting. I have, a couple of times, managed to successfully fast from something. Usually, I give up though. I am drawn to this idea of a Daniel Fast. Would be hard. I live on Hot Pockets.

Nancy Dodson said...

This really speaks to me Dana. After 6 very difficult years, the latter two of which being the toughest of my life, I find myself in a place of: still uncertainty in the future, but growth and excitement and joy accompanied by earthly blessings. A place of more peace. It is a strange place that I have not been in a long while and I search for God's plan. I guess I am so used to being in the 'valley' that it seems so familiar to me. Thank you for sharing this.