In which I feel the need for some Quiet

It happens so quickly. Days slip through my fingers like water anymore, in doing all the "must do's" there is little time for "want to's."  That is alright; it isn't a complaint by any means.  It does require a bit of reframing and reforming ideas and plans and priorities.  This also is alright. Since I am not truly in charge of even my time, it makes sense that I would wander down wrong paths and focus on wrong things, only to stop and realize I must turn back and start again.

One thing that has caused me to wander lately are the many many voices that speak to me daily. Voices I love and enjoy, who make me laugh, who distract me from my priorities, sometimes far too much. Lately, far too much. So, much as God has been emptying out other influences, He is asking me to quiet the voices. He's not making me. It's my option whether or not I obey, though I do believe that the option to give them up willingly will be far easier than the option He is left with should I not agree to obey.

He is speaking. For a time I must focus on only one voice..the only voice that truly matters. The one True Love.  His whispers gently reclaim my focus, and they are soft and loving.  They speak of promises and blessing and refining and even pain, but they are sweet to my ears. But He will not shout them; He will only whisper, and in order to hear, all others noises must be stilled; I must be stilled.  As He does for the raging storm so He does for my soul. Peace...Shalom...Be still.