In Which I Ponder What God may have Started

  It's been almost a week since I broke my three week Daniel Fast. I find myself thinking quite a bit about food. When I had been fasting for nearly a week I had some pretty convicting thoughts.  Beginning with considering the way we, as images of God, are triune in nature: body, mind, soul (Spirit ) and that what we feed our bodies will impact us in our totality, not simply the physical self. It's no wonder we were told to consider our bodies as temples - what our eyes see our thoughts will dwell on, what our ear hears can can wound or build up the spirit and what we eat can strengthen or weaken our ability to be effective for the Kingdom. Yes, it's been bothering me ever since as I think on it and consider the implications.  What's more, I came to very sobering realization that I have been feeding my body for my entire life, and that it may have been almost literally starving for the things it truly needs.  Spiritual application much? Goodness.

Since Monday I have enjoyed nothing more than the daily morning cuppa (or afternoon cuppa which I am enjoying currently).  Tea ran a close second.  Eggs...mmmm.  I have had a little bread...ooohh and I made homemade calzones that were exquisite, if I do say so myself. However, overall, not much has changed. My body's extreme reaction to the removal of sugar was a real eye opener.  I am still keeping my sugar intake quite low, trying for less than 10g daily.  Also I am trying to maintain a whole food approach to eating. This means that there are many things that still just don't make the cut.  Many things that I enjoy for a time, but I am realizing that the long term damage does not, in fact, outweigh the short term pleasure (Again, spiritual application, much?).

But even more than these things is a sneaky (and occasionally sinking) sensation that I am being called deeper into fasting and prayer. I have fasted before, on occasion, but never for very long, and never with a great deal of success, which I now realize was my body reacting, somewhat violently, to being deprived of its "crap fix." The physical addiction to junk was literally screaming far louder than anything the Spirit was trying to say to me. If I am correct, I need to not be weighed down by this physical weights at any time. If I am being called for a purpose than my body is not my own to dump whichever toxins I choose into it. All things are permissable but not all things are beneficial. It's going to be an interesting few weeks as I explore what God may have for me in the future.