I was talking to some friends the other day about personality types. As it turns out, I am an introvert. I know I've never said that before, either. I actually retook the test this week (having taken it years ago). The only thing that really changed is that I am even farther, if possible, towards introvert on the scale. In fact, most days, I feel a  lot like this:

I haven't really had a problem being this creation. You can't tell from the picture but they are almost four feet tall. They are big. They are quite beautiful in their own way. They are intimidating. And nothing, I mean nothing, gets too close. Certainly not close enough to hurt them.

But the thing is that God has been working on me since returning from Arizona. He's pointing out the prickles and the callouses and the defenses and the walls, and He's telling me that they have no place in my life.

It's more difficult than I care to admit and more frightening than I allow myself to consider too long.

At least He's being gentle about it now. Better to do a remodel with a gentle Abba than face the discipline after I disobey.


Maria said...

HUGS!!! to you my friend.

Madame Rubies said...

I usually think I am an introvert, because I require so much solitude to be balanced. But, lately, I have been so lonely that I wonder... Can I be both.