Summer Time Fun

  Among other, certainly more meaningful events, Memorial Day seems to mark the beginning of summer for just about everyone regardless of what the calendar says. I am one to stick my tongue out at the band wagon and refuse to climb aboard, but when it comes to observing summer and all the fun that it entails, I can't resist looking at today as summer while yelling, "Full speed ahead!" Today was both restful and hectic including Hunky driving six hours round trip to retrieve children who had been frolicking with grandparents all week. The girls brought home with them all the bustle and enthusiasm, breathless tales and giggly remembrances, dirty laundry and packed suitcases that traveling children are wont to do. It's exciting to have them back home, and that's not just because they leave again for camp in five days.

The beginning of summer always seems to mark a season of newness in my life: a new school quarter; an overhaul in schedules which means more freedom, swimming, late sunsets, deck time, hammock time, growing things and yard work. Life just looks different in summer time, and how it looks gets to be determined in large part by me.

Cheri proved to me that she is still celebrating my birthday month by sending me this inspiring little gifty and it just so happens that it is almost 100 days before our family vacation in September. Coincidence? I think not.

I begin pondering today about a summer bucket list. I love to do this, even though I never have finished one. I'm learning the joy really is in the journey, and the journey of a bucket list has always proven itself worthwhile. I decided also to resurrect the list blog and put the Summer 2011 Bucket list there. It is a work in progress but I hope to complete it by the end of the week.

Last but not least, I plan to continue (or reboot) the running and exercising. I've been slothful since my birthday. It's time to get back to being disciplined. By this time next year I plan to be able to say that I am satisfied with my health, weight and fitness. Today I am very pleased with the results of a year of hard work, but not yet where I want to be. I can be more, and I intend to.

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