7 Quick Takes - a little something new, and as always, a good reason to make a list

I loves me a listy loo!! 7 Quick takes seems like a good reason to share a list of random thoughts and ideas.

I read blogs for many reasons, most often because I have personal connection to the author or we are like minded in some capacity. However, I also read some things that are for thought stimulus and improvement. I have touted Simple Dollar many times for it's practical accessibility, and I loves this post from him today: The Secrets of Money and Life Success. Financial freedom never seemed more attainable.

This kind of piggy backs off of #1. I also really enjoyed this post: Everyone wants Better but No One wants Change. In my experience, this is more true than not. I have little patience with people who continually bemoan their fate but never do a darn thing to change their life. I mostly think people just like to complain and that wears me flat out. Change is work and work is hard. Either get to work or shut your mouth. You're bringing those of us out here doing the work down!

It's almost the end of June and I am still in love with summer. It's nearly impossible to drag myself off the deck or up from the dock every evening. My selfish prayer is that God miraculously handle a rent reduction and a utility bill cap so that we can live here a little longer. Or that he provide a small house with a big deck on the lake a little closer into town. 

I desperately desire a garden which negates my selfish prayer in #3. I love having generous friends who provide us with amazing gifts from their gardens. I want to grow things and learn how to make things like squash relish and tomato pie. Or I want Sasha to move in with me. 

My summer bucket list is taunting me. It needs updating, and I need to start actively working on it. It's almost July. We're about to start the summer session of school here at Portwood Academy. (I'm not as ready as I want to be for that either). I am ready for the Hunky to be home. It's good to be ready for something!

I'm kind of obsessing lately over the idea of downsizing and minimizing. I don't think I will go so far as to fit the definition of a true ascetic (because I really like being married) but I love the idea of having less so I can have more time. I spent many hours on the deck yesterday which I don't believe was at all a waste of time, but I couldn't get over the nagging feeling that I should be doing something, that my things needed attending. The solution in my mind is simply to have fewer things. I have been reading this with a discerning eye and planning how to bring it to fruition in my own home

I've been pretty convicted (by my daughter no less) about the concept of influence. There's a blog in the mill about the conversation that spurred these thoughts. I've been thinking about how I influence people and how I allow people to influence me. How negative seems to outweigh positive in this regard ( I think because of the work that change involves as I posted about earlier ) and about degrees of influence (some people have so much more influence than others). It's all still a jumble so it may still be a bit of time.

And now. I'm off to attend my things that need attending! Have a great Friday!

* This is my first week participating in Quick Takes. Apparently, it's normally hosted here (warning: bitable baby alert if you go here. I realize this makes me sound like a stalker but oh you can almost SMELL the new baby goodness) But due to the baby goodness, this week it's being hosted here. I encourage you to stop by either and play along!

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