This week I have finished a number of books that seem to have been floating about unfinished and at loose ends, taunting me with their incompleteness (I still battle the fervor of moving on to the next exciting thing without finishing the previous one. It's a battle I am slowly winning ).  Two of the books I finished were by Brennan Manning.  I'm only going to say this once (for now, I'll say it again when I finish the next book. And the next, and the next. Thank God, he's prolific), if you haven't read him, you just need to. He's very, very adept at showcasing the love of God for His children. I think we sometimes, or often, forget that we are God's delight! His Joy! His most cherished treasure. Each one of us is God's very favorite soul in the entire universe. Christianity needs a whole lot more wallowing about in that reality of God.

I simply had to share on this beautiful morning of fawns, and dew, and remnants of rain, and frantically vocal rooks, orangey golden sunrise, my very favorite part of all Manning's work I have read so far:

Why did God make the world?
The whole of scripture, it seems to me, is that God the Father had this thing about being. He was absolutely wild about it. He kept thinking up new ways of being and new kinds of being to be. One afternoon, God the Son came along and said, "This is really great stuff! Why don't I go out and mix us up a batch?" And God the Holy Spirit said, "Terrific! I'll help you!"
So they get together that night after supper and put on a tremendous show of being for the Father. It was full of water and light and frogs; pussy willows kept dropping all over the place, and crazy fish swam around in the wine glasses. There were mushrooms and grapes, horseradishes and tigers; and men and women everywhere to taste them, to juggle them, to join with them, to love them.  God the Father looked at the whole wild party and said, "Wonderful! That's just what I had in mind. Yay! Yay! Yay!"  And all God the Son and God the Holy Spirit could think to say was, "Yay! Yay! Yay!" They laughed for ages saying things like how great it was for being to be, how clever of the Father to conceive the idea, how kind of the Son to go to the trouble to put it all together and how considerate of the Spirit to spend so much time directing and choreographing.  Forever and ever they told old jokes to each other all over again, and the Father and the Son drank their wine in the unity of the Spirit and threw ripe olives and pickled mushrooms at other, forever and ever.

I love this! Yes, I don't actually think God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit sit around and throw olives.  But I love the comfort, the companionship, the sheer joy of being that they experience in this little story. Then I realized something that completely undid me. God the Son, lives inside me.  God the Holy Spirit has made me His dwelling place.  As God the Son is in God the Father, God the Holy Spirit is also in me.  I'm not just invited to the party of all time. I'm already attending the party of all time! And my Host of Hosts, couldn't be any happier to have me!


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melissa said...

Hey sweet thing. I've read his Ragamuffin book and loved it, so I get what you're saying. :)

Enjoy your day!