Lizard Showers

Afternoon beckons
though ninety-nine degrees forebodes
swimming in air,
warm wet cotton heat,
baked earth and crisping grass
faintly redolent of baked bread.

I answer
hair pulled high ,
deck fans racing,
toe mincing on sun baked boards,
tall glass of ice water
instantly sweat drenched.

Birds call
clouds pile and gather, considering.
One small lizard
languorously slides,
shyly changing
brown verding to green
and all shades between.

I wait.
Tentative tongue flickers
catching glass drops
drip-flick, drop-flick.
Too tempting water
runs seductive down my glass.

Softly, slowly
I dandle fingers
in shimmering water, cool, refreshing
flick-drip, flick-drop
on lizard head,
scaled back, claw feet.

Eyes close
Even this dinosaur miniature
risks cooling bliss.
Chance of lizard showers
on a hazy lazy
Warm wet cotton
Georgia Sunday summer afternoon.

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