The Power of Words ( A Wayback Repost)

Dude. I found the Wayback Machine.  It has all my old blog stuff. And you know what? I think I was smarter back then. From October 26, 2004. Also FYI, EIGHT years. I've been blogging eight years, more or less.

Random FYI- I've been a vegetarian since 2006. This is why I must be better at blogging. It lets my brain off the hook for the long term memory gig.

A sadder FYI, there are comments from my Nattie there, which made me cry, and which only serve to prove my point here seven years later.

"Sticks and Stones will break our bones, but words will break our hearts"
---Robert Fulghum
I have had occasion recently to think about words. Readers who have been here for any amount of time know of my fascination with them. I love a perfect turn of phrase, a word picture, a play of words that turns the normal into hilarity. Words are amazing when used well, and have the power to make me literally shudder when butchered in a massacre of ignorance. Last night my husband ran across the phrase "It looks like chaos threw-up." And both of us laughed and said, "That's beautiful!" what a great use of words! Two words to take the place of fifteen less effective adjectives. That's brilliance.
Occasionally, I get note in my in-box from a friend or family member of someone I have spoken of in this blog. I talk a lot about many different things, but some of my more important observations have been about the people who touch my life (people are another fascinating study, but that is a blog for another time). Do you know what it is that these notes say? "Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write about this person I loved. Thank you for telling your part of their story."
Why is it important that some little no one in coastal Florida wrote about someone they knew?

Because words have impact. They have weight and meaning and value. Talk is cheap. Anyone can talk, about anything for any amount of time, but using words, writing them down and recording them is all about listening. It's about you listening to me, and me listening to myself. Its about reflection, and appreciation, beauty and truth, relevence and emotion. What you say about me? That's gone tomorrow, much as I may be, but what you write about me, that goes on as long as someone cares to read it. And often times, that duration is far longer than we would imagine.
So why, you are wondering, why this long wided rant on words. As I said, I have been given occasion to reflect on them lately, on my sad lack of them (for I have missed writing), and yet the profusion which with they spill forth when I do sit down. I have never been much of one for paper journaling. Its not as efficient in my mind. I can't type and edit and cut and copy and paste neatly, but when I take the time (ah, time, yet another interesting study--do you see why I love writing these things out, look at all the things I now have to think about all day just by listening to what my own heart is saying) to really sit and reflect the things that make their impression in my life here in this forum I walk away with a better understanding of myself, a better idea of how to face life, a better insight into the things God is working in me. Isn't that what journaling is all about? And in the end, that's really all I have here, a high tech journal that sometimes, other people want to read.
"If I can write things out, I can see them, and they are not trapped within my own subjectivity."
"When we are not paying attention to our lives, we are merely reacting to the tasks required of us."
"We are holding a piece of our lives in our hands where we can look at it and meditate on it, and deepen our understanding of it."
That's power! The power of words.
To be able to take a moment, a person, an idea, a thought and crystallize it, make accessible to anyone with eyes to read for as long as it exists to be read?? That is power. It rests on the cusp of being the spark of creation. A step away from divinity itself. Incredible.
Still don't believe in the power of words. May I direct you to the most incredible collection of words ever written.
John 1:1 The Word was made flesh and Dwelt among us, and we beheld the Glory of the Father.
The word became flesh--the word. Let me see a show of hands, how many of you here have ever actually looked upon the face of God. I mean His actual face. Anyone? Anyone?
How many of you have beheld His Word? How many have been transformed by its power, infused with its life, illuminated by the scope of the divine?
Still doubt the power of words?


Maria said...

Wasn't the wayback machine what Cheryl and Heather used to pull up Nattie's old blog for her memorial service?

And do you want to know something about your words and their impact on me. I REMEMBER THIS BLOG!!! I think about it every so often, how you talked about loving a "perfect turn of phrase, a word picture, a play of words that turns the normal into hilarity" (speaking of the latter see my email "FB funny"). I had forgotten about it until now but I do remember chaos throwing up.

Love you Girl

Madame Rubies said...

Nattie's last email is still in my Gmail box. It was a note about downloading free Derek Webb music. Every time I clean out my saved files, I come to it and refuse to click delete.