Simpler Things #1

I always say I am going to be a better picture taker. I never follow through. I don't promise I will follow through this time either, but I might. Either way, enjoy the simple things that brought me joy this week:

Sometimes what you see depends on how the light falls

Hidden Treasure for the just the moment

Mamma Bird

Anxious Papa (I wish the pic was better, he only landed for a moment)

This is where my bullfrog lives. He loves to sing to me.



Evening swim

Darling Kayla

Wistful Lily

Puzzled Olivia

What'll we do tomorrow night, Brain?
Same thing we do every night, Pinky
Try to take over the world!


Kristen_Brooks said...

Um, the second one is my favorite! I love pictures!! Yours are wonderful. :-)

Katie said...

Great pictures although I could do without the spiders at the end. My favorite is the one of the light coming through the trees.

Michelle said...

How fun to see what you see! :)