Too Gone for Too Long

 This week I learned what I thought I already knew: I can't live a life without mornings to launch in. Seriously, if my day at the house isn't getting feet on it until 1pm, you can just forget it. It's not going to happen.  This family will not be saying yes to VBS unless we move closer to town before next summer. It's too much to juggle and too far for back and forth. Mornings I've been too gone for too long from your productive lovliness.

 Speaking of mornings my morning workout this week-- also non-existent!  I had to choose between God time and exercise time and God won (let me temper this by saying that there have been many months that exercise has won so don't consider this a pat on the back. I will not let my body be my God, not even in the good care of it). I'm feeling flabby and weak and my sleep patterns are all wonk-a-doo as a result. I know one week won't make a lot of difference, but it comes after month or more of only working out 2-3x a week. This also must change. Regular exercise, I've been too gone for too long from all your benefits. Time to get back to you too.

 We have one more week of being off school and then we're starting our summer session which will go to Sept. The kids have had Grandparents week, camp week, VBS week, and lots of business in between. Yesterday one even told me they were ready for life to be a little more normal. Momma is more than ready as well. It seems we are less busy often when school is in session. Less busy is good. I really, really love less busy. I'd really really love Hunky's work schedule to be a little less chaotic as well but who knows if that will happen. I do know that when my life doesn't feel like chaos I deal better with his chaos. We're even trying out a new daily routine to fit in daily swimming before the heat is too intense and the water is too warm to enjoy it. I'm not opposed to new;  I just need regularity. Schedule, I've been too gone for too long. I need your familiarity.

And lastly, blogging? Three days off? Really? Too gone for too long! And I owe a Compassion blog still. I'm not letting that go for too long as well. Good habits - why in the world are they so darn easy to let go?

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Maria said...

I am discovering all to well, exactly what mornings are for around here. I've gotten more done in the four hours I have been up than I did yesterday morning. I still have a lot to do, but the reward of an afternoon playing with yarn without other "stuff" hanging over my head is a good motivator.