Where I'm From

Reposted  from 2004

I am from sand and salt
from coconut oil and cola,
Seagulls and seashells.

I am from tangy sunsets,
and humid sunrises,
Shorts on New Years Day.
I am from Music Row, guitars, and line dancing,
a decade of voice lessons.
I am from acres to run,
woods to explore
and twilights catching lightening bugs.
I am from the palm and from the pine,
from the woods and beach
I am from country in the morning
and sea in the afternoon.
I am from summers on the lake and raucous laughter,
Uno until 2 am
from Grandma's in the summer and Daddy's only girl
and fights with a Mother who became my best friend.
I am from family dinners
and teenage brothers who kissed Dad goodnight.
From good grades,
and always being expected to do better
From "will that girl ever sing loud enough to be heard?"
to "Why even bother with a microphone?"
I am from private schools
from pharisaic instruction
from parents who practiced nothing and
teachers who had it all wrong.
I am from God's grip
from a Savior with bigger love, bigger plans
and grace big enough to overlook
from church family who healed my soul
from a place to give my voice as an offering
from new life in a brackish River
I am from Ireland and Germany, from rare steaks and beer
pig roasts and fresh peach-blueberry pie
I am from fondue, homemade pizza, cakes, cookies and pies
I am from a full pantry.
From alcoholism and recovery,
from cancer beaten and to cancer succumbed,
from gifts piled waist high under a Christmas tree.
and the constant care of mother who loved me.
I am from the red devil,
the pink ribbon
from long hair to no hair to pink hair
and the surity the God makes no mistakes.
I am from a love deeper, wider and stronger,
from a best friend who wears my wedding band.
from a string of miracles disguised as children.
from a path I would never have chosen;
from a path I will never regret.
I am from the urn on the mantle,
the rooms filled with anitque furniture
the cottage on the lake
the farm, the field, the sea.
I am from strength forged in sickness,
faith forged in shadow,
a voice forged in passion,
love forged in heaven.
and dreams that flow like the sea.


Maria said...

Okay so I remember reading this before, how in the heck has it been seven.freaking.years ago??? That is just not possible is it??

Michelle said...

I love this...and you.