7 Quick Takes for Friday (3rd edition)

Whoa! Blogger changed overnight. This makes blogging both brighter and more interesting...

Seven: The Hunky and I are having a 36 hour getaway this weekend. He's doing a wedding a few hours from here and the Bride and Groom are putting us up. I'm excited! I love to go away and dress up and eat out. I gots my hair did (with coconut oil, not really salon did) and I'm happy!

Six: I had a great time at the Dekalb Farmers market this week. What an amazing, fun and fabulous place! It's kind of a hike from here, but worth going every few weeks since I have some friends who want to carpool and we can share the gas expense! Eating is about to get way more exciting around here!

Five: I like this post about quiet, thinking and space .  A lot. Fahrenheit 451 haunts me when it comes to our constant need for noise and distraction. I can be just as guilty as the rest.

Four: One week of school is under our belts. It had ups and it had some LOWS. But we ended on up. I'll take that.

Three: My Compassion children broke my heart again this week, and made me realize how big God truly is, yet again. Who but God could find a child who has financial support but no correspondence, and connect the two of us (my family and his) at exactly the time when his father falls ill and dies, which is exactly what happened to me in my life just over a decade ago. Only God seeks out and puts together two people out of billions who share the same experience at the exact time it's happening. How cool is He?

Two: I'm a cheese peddler.  I started distributing cheese from Simply Cheese for Milledgeville. This makes me happy in a lot of ways. I love food. I love sharing good food. I really love cheese. I really really love that this cheese is hormone free. I love that it supports small farmers. I love that it's not mass produced chain cheese. I love that I can add cheese back into my diet regularly and not worry about the crap they add to the cows (this being why I stopped eating meat).

One:  This week also reminded me that ministry is hard work, and it makes satan very angry. You can only make kingdom changes for so long before he's going to come after you with all barrels firing. It's going to be ugly. And when it gets ugly you have about three choices: Stop making change, walk away or stand.  So we stand.

Now I'm off the the metropolis of Lawrenceville to wed some folk and have a grand time!

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Sara said...

SWEET!!! Hope you and hunky enjoyed your wee get-away. And keep standing. (((hugth)))