7 Quick takes Friday - #2

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One : We are wrapping up the final four days of our summer vacation this holiday weekend. Our lives move more smoothly if we take our vacation time in smaller chunks and more frequently than three whole months in the summer. I'm a little sad and a little happy. Our time off hasn't been as restful as I had imagined, but has been a lot more fun and rewarding than I had planned or even anticipated. In it we crammed a ten day trip to Florida for the girls, a trip to Daytona for me, camp, VBS, Lake days, a silence retreat, a lot of life changing reading, a lot of lake time, puzzles, games, movies, dates with Hunky and launching a new cheese co-op.  I call it successful.

Two: Our summer studies are going to focus a great deal on living intentionally and with missional focus. In some ways it's going to look less like school than it ever has. I think it will be a great way to give my Mom some educational angst. Together the girls and I will read Radical (which I have read) and Do Hard Things.  We are also looking for ways as a family to save $110 to buy two water systems for Water of Life.

Three: This weekend is Hunky's birthday. He's not much of one for pomp and hoopla. In his words, "The ladies in my life celebrate so many days that I don't really need one for me."  He's hard to shop for because he wants nothing and is content where he is.  Maybe for his birthday he could bottle it and share it with the rest of us.

Four:  I'm really quite excited about CHEESE! My lovely friend Sasha introduced me to this delicious amish cheese goodness, and as a cheese lover, I can honestly say I've never has better. Cheese is something I have eaten far less of since my food convictions took new twists (I've been a vegetarian for six years and lately have gone more and more whole- foody). But this lovely cheese has neither hormones nor is it chemically processed.  They also sell retail if the idea of trying this cheese compels you.

Five: My Compassion daughter, Fiona has a birthday coming up so the next week or so we will be gathering things to mail her to help her feel loved and special, since she IS loved and special. I've really enjoyed becoming more involved in more children's lives and in sharing more about how easy it is to become involved. I've written two blogs for compassion and will be writing at least once or twice a week from now on about all the wonderful ways supporting the organization really does change lives.

Six: My girls watched Hello Dolly this week and loved it. I love sharing musicals with them. It's one of my favorite things to do. I know it makes me a cheesy sap. I don't even care.

Seven: It is hard to find a place to live with a dog. It is hard to decide if looking for a new place to live is the right thing. It is hard to imagine not living on the lake if we moved.  In fact, it's all too much to think about this weekend. Fiddle-Dee-Dee I'll put it off until another day!

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KinnicChick said...

Happy Birthday to your HH! We're celebrating, too. Our 16th anniversary. :) It will also be very low key. We're going to stay in the Minnesota apartment for the weekend in the midst of the big government shut-down but mostly we'll have our ears still listening to the little baby news station out of our favorite little city in New Mexico as they continue to battle the largest fire in the history of their state and we continue to make our plans for our next visit there. :(

Also? mmm cheese.