7 Quick Takes Friday - Edition 5: Why me?

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7.) I case you missed all my bragging and gallivanting and prancing and giggling and general merriment and silliness, Cheri and the Brorsen Fab 4 were with us this week for a three day stay. We were also blessed with the fabulous and sneakily snarkalicious Windy and her Princesses, and one of the many, many things we talked about was that you always here people questioning God "Why" when bad things happen, whether it's why me or why do bad things happen or why now.  But what you very seldom hear is the same question applied when the miraculous happens. No one says Why me when God heals and blesses and shows off and makes merry. Where did we get this mindset that God owes us good things and wrongs us when He allows bad things. Perhaps gratitude could reach a depth in which we could swim and even dive into if we asked God Why me for every blessing. Make no mistake, it isn't because you earned or deserve it. Its all His favor and His choice.

6.) Hunky is coming home tomorrow. We have survived, and even thrived, another summer of trips, travel and mission work. Of course, his coming home doesn't mark any slowing down in this life, but I'm always grateful that he returns safe and whole and generally spiritually full from doing the things he does best. I'm very excited to see him again. Even in a house filled to the brim with kids, and friends and laughter, I miss his presence.  Why am I blessed with such great love? I surely don't deserve it, and I never take it for granted.

5.) We looked at house this week that I was somewhat hopeful about. There were many many perks involved, but it just isn't possible size-wise.  I'm willing to downsize and not afraid of smaller, but if I can't fit my bed in the master bedroom, we've reached the point of non-negotiable.  Once the hunk is well and truly home we'll start more actively looking for our new home site. I haven't packed a box yet. I suppose that's something that bears starting too. People have been bringing boxes and packing material, finding numbers of rental homes and offering help and support since this decision was made. Why am I blessed with such an amazing community of believers to share life with?  

4.)  I just found out that my amazing friend Larissa and her husband had their very first baby yesterday. Larissa is one of my Sistahs which means we've walked the primrose path of Cancer Survival together.  I remember when Jason was just her boyfriend, when her hair was short and her life uncertain. I'm so excited to see this baby, this miracle and watch her grow. What a gift! The funny thing about cancer, is that even while it tries to steal your life, it teaches you both how fragile and how precious life is.  Everyone's life is uncertain. You could die before you finish this post. I've heard so many cancer why me's but I haven't heard many people who haven't had it ask "Why not me"? We're all going to die, that's not injustice; it's fact. I look on my own children and realize this happy ending, it didn't ever have to be. Why me? I'll likely never know, but oh how happy I am that I was given these now fifteen years that were never owed me.

3.) I have been blogging regularly now more than I have in the last few years. It's been fun, and sometimes frustrating, getting my voice back. In fact, I have a backlog of blogs in my head. I am posting them here to have sort of accountability. This week my plan is to blog about a two year old and my prayer life, about influence, and one called "A soft place to land"  Don't think I don't wonder why me all the time, that would people would come here and read my thoughts, and share their own.  Why do I get to be so blessed? I haven't the first clue.

2.) This week brought TWO Compassion letters to my mailbox. I sucked them down greedily before I even got back to the house and have read them both a few times apiece since. I can get caught up in the scope of brokenness in this world. It is filled, just filled, with hurting hurtful people. People who don't have hope or The Hope, people who can't even imagine that there might be something more in this world and the next. Many of this people live in my own back yard. But rather than be overwhelmed by the scope of it all, I'm just starting where and how I can: Compassion children, local ministry, hurting friends, choosing joy, finding my happies and sharing them - none of these things will fix the world by themselves, but all of them invite the presence of the One who Heals all things. Why am I born into privilege and blessed with overwhelming material affluence? I could ask that forever, but instead I'll find ways to share it.

1.) A storm is rolling in and I have a book to read and a magical back deck to enjoy for sixty more days. It may be 97* but some blessing are only temporal, and I intend to make the most of them while I have them! There is nothing better than an afternoon summer storm.

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