7 Quick Takes Friday (Episode IV: A New Hope)

1.) This week has kind of topped my tank on things I am able to deal with. I told the lovely Miss Tish at lunch today that I was hoping for a rather restful summer this year and that. just. hasn't. happened. Now we are definitely moving some time in the next eight weeks. My head is spinning at the thought. I don't love moving though I do love the anticipation of a new place. Fortunately, I had already sort of scheduled in my head a 3-4 week school break that month, you know, because we are also taking a family vacation then. Yes, right when we move. What? Normal people don't live like that? True. True tale indeed.

2) It went to over 100* three days in a row this week. Have mercy that is warm! We used every conceivable way of keeping the house cool without killing the air conditioner and then some. Today has been a lovely (albeit muggy) low 80's day with off and on rain. Deeeeeeelicious. Also much needed for lake cooling since Lake Days 2 starts on Tuesday!

3) Sometimes when I'm bummed and feeling like my life is very heavy, I read the blog Kisses from Katie. That blog breaks my heart and gives me much needed focus and perspective. It's beautiful.

4) Lately, I've also been digging this young lady and her new missionary lifestyle.  One of the houses we are considering moving to could lend itself to this sort of life. It bears thought and prayer. We need lots of closed doors, and one big open one--barn door style. Maybe Hoover Dam size.

5) I made the leap and started a Google Plus account. I love it. No, I really love it. My facebook has since then been acting meaner than a middle school girl having a bad hair day, and I can't even log in at this point. Bad form, Facebook.  Meet my new love, Google.

6) My husband is leaving on a mission trip tomorrow. He is taking the printer. We are currently in the middle of a school quarter. This has caused a bit of stress for me. I generally have a good overview of the week, and then plan day by day. Today I am planning for a whole week with no option to print once my time is up should I make a mistake. Angst.

7) Lately I really really miss drawing. I always say I am going to work it in. I never manage to do that. Then I say when I settle and get a schedule I will make it happen. But that also rarely happens. I don't think we've had any sort of normal schedule since we moved here. It's moments like this when I realize how much I am ready to move to a smaller place with much less space. I love this house. I do. It's been wonderful. But the care and keeping of it are becoming altogether overwhelming.  And on that note, I feel more settled.  That's called a blogging win.


Becky Perry said...

Love the links! Hey, do you think the new Start G+ extension might still be buggy and might be causing some of your FB problems?

Misty said...

Why are you moving? Did I miss something?

Madame Rubies said...

Your drawing = my writing. Only, this last week, something has clicked, and I am writing up a storm. That tells me you can do it too. So, get drawing.