7 Quick takes on Friday (Ed #6 - the one that happened the next day)

1.) I'm noticing a trend, I slow down blogging at the end of the month. I don't know if it's because it seems my life whirls crazier then, if I lose momentum, if I run out of things to say...or what. I'm planning to remedy that with better consistency over the next month which will take a great deal of discipline considering all that the next month holds.  But the last three months I have been consistently blogging, I have captured more memories, pursued more ideas and brought more plans to fruition. So it's a win-win situation, I think, to keep writing.

2) God showed off so big time this week. We were so sad when we found out we'd be leaving this wonderful house on the wonderful lake that we love (Seriously, life on the water just feels more relaxed and I LOOOVE it). But this week, we found our new home. Four bedrooms (every kid their own room-they are ecstatic!), on the lake, three minutes from work (as opposed to the 20 minutes we are driving now), with the world's most generous and amazing land lords, and a view that is absolutely to die for. MOST IMPORTANTLY: LESS SQUARE FEET TO CLEAN! Can I get an amen! I didn't actually think we could find something better than we have now, God's cool like that.

3) Moving means purging, and I really like that about it. I like assessing the value of things. I like clearing my life of the things that just weigh me down. I like finding freedom from materials. I like becoming less and simpler. I like freedom.

4) Summer traveling is done and that means the Hunky and I are hitting a more disciplined lifestyle with eating and exercising hardcore. I mentioned an increase in discipline, yes? I have NOT been a runner this summer and I am starting to turn into the irritable, impatient person I didn't like before I was running. I want that me back. It will take work to get that me back. There is a 4 mile running loop at the new place that the re-new me is so going to love.

5) This week in ministry has been one of the hardest we've had since we've lived here. Some weeks, sometimes some months, every aspect of church business exhausts me. It drains my soul of energy and hope. It is amazing to me that something that can be so glorious and beautiful can be so selfish and hurtful all at the same time.  It is hard not to personalize the attacks- because some of them are very, very personal. Sometimes lies are VERY loud.  It isn't an easy place when you are asking the question: How much longer can we do this?

6) We need a washer and dryer. If you have one you can mail us, I can give you my address.

7) Ah, back to purging...I've been removing a lot of negative from my life lately. It goes back to the lies being loud thing. Some folk never seem content. Always there is something wrong, something that could be different. something that requires change.  But you know, that is the case for every person on this earth.  We can either actively work to create change or we can accept where we are, but I am not exposing myself to people who rail against things that cannot change or who simply cry to be heard without wanting to change circumstances. Because the flip side of that coin is a total blindness to all that is very very good in this world.  It's about changing our focus to find the blessing, because there is so much blessing. We don't receive more until we recognize what we already have. I'll take that focus please.


Pattie said...

Change of focus. I like that. It's something I've been thinking about as well, this line between griping for no reason and sharing about what's difficult in life.

Ellen said...

Love, love, LOVE #7!!! You go, Girl!!!!!!!