For My Hunky, On His Birthday

In a way, today is a day like any other day. The girls games are loud, the yard needs mowing, the water bill came (and we wept a bit), aspirations were discussed, disappointments were examined, books and quotes and thoughts were shared, meals were prepared and consumed (amidst a constant stream of chatter and referee-ing interruptions).

Even though we aren't allowed to make much of the occasion, it isn't  just  any other day. It's the day of celebration for the birth of the man I love.

These three sentences pretty much encompass the life I have made with my Hunky: there isn't one aspect of myself of which he isn't an integral part, and he'd prefer there not be any fanfare about it.

He's been there through my biggest battles, and there when I was afraid to stand alone.  He listened silently and quietly walked away from a life he loved when it was me that was made the reason. He's the voice I wait to hear call greeting at the end of the day, and the familiar caress after the lights are out. He's the shoulder on which I've wept and smile that makes my heart sing. He's made me laugh harder and louder than any other person (Hooter Chowder! Hooter Chowder!) In fact, I sometimes don't know how I ever stop laughing. He makes the colors brighter, the highs higher and the lows not as bleak.  He's my lover and the best friend I will ever know on this earth.  He inspires me to be better while telling me I'm amazing. He makes me feel beautiful and more special than anyone else in all the world. He's the most amazing father I can imagine and the kindest hearted man I've ever encountered. His heart expands with every conversation, and my greatest joy is watching as he shows his love to people so hungry to be loved.

It's a crazy ridiculous idea that two first born, passionate, strong-willed, explosive people could ever make a go of life together, but what I know now is that God always knew that only someone whose heart is as deep and beautiful is Craig's could ever change a heart as selfish and unyielding as mine.

I'd celebrate him each and every day, every moment if he would allow it. But he won't.
So what I will do is love him and seek every day to make sure he knows that while this life could be lived without him, certainly, it never could it ever be the magical, wonderful, glorious life it has been so far without his part in it.

I can't wait for the next forty years. A great adventure is better when it's shared with the better half of your heart.

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melissa said...

I so loved reading this. :) And obviously you so loved writing it as well!