New Things

According to the calendar I live by, which is slightly off from the rest of the world, it is about mid summer for us. we'll start doing fall things around the end of Sept./ Oct. including starting the fall term of school (we are mid-term, summer session now), so I technically still have 6-7 weeks of summer left, including our family vacation. I do love home schooling when it comes to sorting the calendar in ways that work for my family. We have, however, reached the end of the rough parts of summer for us, which include Hunky travel and single parenting. This year that was made so much better with a parade of special peeps and geeks that kept us laughing and awake far later than these old bones prefer.  Hunky traveled less, and thanks to our amazing summer youth program, we had a weekly date night all the weeks he was home while the kids were entertained and spiritually challenged. It's been a good summer, laced through with a few threads of very hard things. But I made the comment this week that life is always going to have hard things, it's foolish to expect otherwise. So we hold on to Hope, and focus on the blessings, and thank God for every amazing one. We ask, "Why me?" for the good in our lives rather than the bad and call ourselves "lucky".

The second half of summer brings new challenges and new focus. Hunky is home now, and a summer of languishing on the health front is ending. I haven't moved backwards, but I sure haven't been moving forwards either. Tomorrow starts back the routine of discipline, exercise, careful food choices and creative meal plans. Back to running and lifting and (have mercy) crunches, crunches more crunches.
We have drifted and meandered even while doing school, and now we must buckle down to work so that we can also focus on the work of moving from one place and making another ready for us all the while not losing steam in our education (and not forgetting the fact that education comes from life as well as books).
I have read and thought and studied and pondered and drifted far from summer reading list, but not so far and not so long that there isn't still time to find my page and my place, and never entirely off the path of hearing what God wants me to hear. We are talking closely and often down the roads my heart travels, but I still intend to complete a great deal of that list, somehow, in the midst of much motion and adventure.

By this time next month I will be writing from a completely different view in a completely different home, in a newer, leaner body with more grace in my speech and more love in my heart. This at least is my plan. More flesh; less stone. The dog days of August approach, and hope abounds. New things are happening, as though it were barely spring.

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