Saturday Psalm

Abba, how wonderful is your love for your children!
You come to us when we are
blinded, wounded, stormstruck;
faithless, helpless, hopeless
You gather us into your mighty arms
You calm the storms
You stir the faith flames
You give Help
You grant peace.

You sing a love song over my head
Unfurl the banner of your love
You softly whisper, "Watch"
And the sky explodes with stars
whose names you sing.
The earth explodes with Life whose form you spoke
People sing your praises, all the nations
whose very hairs are numbered
In ocean depths, whale song
On mountain peaks, eagle cry
In deepest forest, deer rest
Across misty lakes, geese celebrate

Lord,  you orchestrate it all
for your glory
for your Joy
Majesty and miracle
Beauty and Splendor
Power and Wonder

All are on display before me.
I tremble.
Who am I to doubt,
fear, question
The El
What reason would the Maker of all things
have to answer one such as I?

But you have not finished showing me your Glory
A helpless babe, dirty wailing
  A sturdy, curly headed boy tasting Honeyed Torah.
  The Word speaking The Word
   A laughing man with Words of wonder and Life
     An angry man with whip and words of passion
       A sorrowed man who would gather His children as a dove
           A weeping man, prone, alone on a dark garden carpet
              A dying man bleeding, broken, even now speaking mercy.

These things, oh Lord, more glorious still.
I am quieted, undne

But you are not, you have one more
pearl of priceless worth
For me, unworthy
unable to repay:

These things my child,
these things and so much more
I did for you. I do for you.
You are the one I have chosen.
The object of my passion.
My love.

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