When Fasting is the Easy Part

  Did you ever have one of those days when you realize you must be doing a whole lotta things right if someone else is working so hard against  you? Today was what day for me.

It's been a rough week. On a scale of one to ten personally - 7; on a scale of one to ten perspective of world suffering - .8 (don't miss that decimal).  Even with perspective, it hasn't been fun.  In a good week, ministry is hard, back breaking work. In a rough week, it'll wring your soul out and leave it for the turkey buzzards. This week, the buzzards are most definitely circling.

We're going to come to the point of this the roundabout way so bear with me. In February, I successfully completed three weeks of Daniel fasting. At the time I pondered the possibility that being free from food additive addictions would lead to more fasting.  I have had several water fasts since then, and I was right: once the sugar and toxins have cleared your system fasting becomes a much more focused, less miserable activity.  In fact, there are times that I actually feel like a spiritual weapon, when I am focusing on God rather than food and completely undistracted by physical withdrawals.

And that, my friends, is the rub.
Prayer alone is powerful.
Prayer combined with fasting, that's world changing power. Jesus, Himself, speaks of the power of combining the two. When fasting is the easy part, when your focus becomes razor edged, that's when you start to really gain the attention of the powers of darkness.

I may have wandered a little too far into enemy territory to come out unscathed, and since I didn't walk in alone, I'm seeing some serious collateral damage. Life is getting he't up here in middle Georgia. The uglies have come out of hiding, and the gloves are off. Which any sane person would look at and say, "Well, I just need to stop calling attention to myself and lay off the spiritual warfare for a bit."

Instead I think I need to make my fasting periods longer. When fasting is the easy part, it means you have to get more creative in finding ways to make yourself sweat.

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