7 Quick Takes Friday (Ed. 7)

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1) This week feels blurry and grainy and busy and crazy and happy and delirious and long all rolled into one. We're preparing to move from here, and simultaneously preparing the house we're moving into to be ready for us. Everything feels just slightly out of place. There is that giddy madness that goes along with riding the crest of a wave and having no idea if you will coast into shore or just be consumed and flipped into the unyielding sand of the ocean floor.  One way or another, September 18th is coming, and for better or for worse, we'll be done. moving.

2) This week has been HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Literally like living-in-Hell hot. I do well even up to mid-90's but once you crack 100* it's just STANK HOT. It's not looking like it's going to cool down any time soon either. Except when I am outside first thing in the morning and again right before bed, the air has a certain smell, a quality, that hints, just barely hints mind you, that fall is not long in coming. I am very ready!

3.) I don't know that I have ever enjoyed painting as much as I have this week. I love color. I have so enjoyed filling our new home with colors of all kinds and flavors. It's been so fun and beautiful. I'm very excited to get started in our new home.

4.) My beautiful friend prayed for me this week, and while doing so, found me this

Isn't it amazing? It makes me think of Habbakuk where God tells Habakkuk to write His promises on stone that all may read it. He wrote my name in stone. Awesome.

5.) and this? Oh this is the view from my new kitchen

6) It is hard for me to believe that one month from right now, I will be falling asleep to the sound of the ocean pounding on the beach. It seems so far to get there from here. But it will come, as all things do, and no doubt before I am fully ready.

7)  I'm pretty obsessed lately with organizational, decorative and uncluttering reading lately. If you actually made it to #7 here, you can see why. I'm working on a blog about renting and why we do it, and will continue to do it. I am very much enjoying the freedom in it. I do not miss home ownership--not any at all.

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Lorri said...

Oh, that view is going to make your heart SO happy!