7 Quick Takes Friday (Ed. 9 - The last edition from this address)

1. So, in case you missed it, I mean, I've been keeping a really, really low profile about it, barely speaking of it at all in fact...we are moving. We're looking at the one week or less range (I would move us this weekend while Hunky is out of town but he strictly forbade me to move if he isn't here. To which I say, "Party pooper, party pooper! Neener Neener Neener!") If nothing else this move is bringing out a huge streak of dignity and maturity.

2. Yes, you read that right, my Hunky made a rather impromptu trip to Florida this weekend for a memorial service for an old and dear friend. Lately, that's just kind of how life goes. We pray a lot and watch God make all the pieces somehow work out, and are amazed every time. He's doing it right now, as I sit here and type, even.  We don't make plans anymore; we just look for the open doors and leap through! It's pretty exciting most of the time, when I don't freak out in the kitchen because everything. we. own. is on the counter while I try to clean the drawers.  Tomorrow should be fun since I have this masochistic need to stay awake as though my consciousness will prevent his falling asleep at the wheel. He should arrive sometime around 1:30am.

3. I started a 365 blog. It's new. Totally new. And I'm nervous since my propensity to start something and not finish it is..high, to say the least. But we're going on four good solid months of blogging.  I think I can. I think I can.

4. Do you want to know what's sick? Even though the process of packing and purging and cleaning, repeat repeat, repeat, gets old, I really do enjoy moving. I enjoy purging and emptying and cleaning and polishing. I've been reading quite a bit about minimalism. I don't think any real minimalist is going to actually call me for advise on how to live the spartan life, but it's fun to collect and incorporate some ideas. This move is definitely an improvement over the last when it comes to "stuff". We really do have less. It shows, and what we have I tend to love and enjoy.

5.I'm tired of the way I cook. I need change. I need that change to be after we get back from vacation, which we are doing right after we move. That's a long sentence.

6. My summer reading has completely...fizzled....out. And maybe that's okay. Maybe it was time to just be for while and try to put into practice all the things I have been taking in. I don't want to be a spiritual and intellectual glutton, you know. Instead in the very rare times lately that I have to sit and read, I have been rereading Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series. Loved it the first time and love it the second time. Somehow a good cozy helps plant your feet firmly again when you think you might be drifting into chaos. Maybe it's the unraveling of the snarled tangles of mystery.  Whatever it is, it's cozy and wonderful and a perfect retreat from the packing (because I am moving, you know.)

7. I'm pondering also keeping a time diary for some weeks after (whispers) the move. I know my handle on time management is tenuous at best lately. I'd been thinking about it even before I read the linked article, but he made enough concrete arguments that I was swayed to actually attempt it. The funny thing about the time diary is that in the end, I believe it will create more free time, not more busyness. I'm going to need that free time whilst I admire my view.

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Mandi said...

I agree, it is kind of sick that you like moving! Although I recently moved and I enjoyed the purging part of the move. I enjoy simplifying (even though I really am terrible at it, pack rat runs in my family) and feel so accomplished taking bags and boxes to donate.