7 Quick Takes - I've lost count of how many. This is the moving edition.

1. In case you missed it, we are moving TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! That's thirteen days by my count, and since it's after 9pm, and I am not doing any more work towards moving tonight, it's practically twelve days. Moving, and packing, and preparing to move, and getting my things purged and packed, and getting my new home clean and painted are my life right now. It is wreaking havoc on my blogging and pretty much every other aspect of my life. It's going to be okay. Two weeks will be over before I know it. 

2. Sometimes it feels like everything happens all at once, and this is one of those times. Not only are we moving, but everything fall related is kicking in this week: Wednesday night services, college ministry, school starting, our family vacation, everything. Add to that the fact that the Hunky is still doing two jobs, and traveling to funerals, and moving and every day is an adventure of patience, flexibility and understanding. Some times I almost fall apart, I feel so scattered. Then I take a deep breath, look at the next thing and only the next thing, and just keep moving.

3. My roots are really bad. I kind of wanted to stop coloring my hair, but I am not sure I can take the root situation and I am NOT willing to cut my hair to accommodate the root growing out process. Maybe I'll just continue to be way too busy to be overly worried about what's going on on my head.  It is possible.

4. We are rapidly approaching the end of our first quarter of school this year. I am really not sure how that is even possible. the girls have been so great, toting work hither and yon while we move and school and try to incorporate real life into learning. I am really very proud of them. I don't think I say it nearly often enough.

5. Once I move, I am learning to quilt. My wonderful friend Wendy is going to teach me. You can learn too. I have a table; I have space.  I am going to start this in the fall, while I look out over the lake. Oh the view...I can hardly stand it!

6. This week God has had me using my broken places to minister to people. I think, sometimes, that I am too jaded to be surprised and/ or hurt by anything our former church leadership decides to do. Time and time again they prove me wrong. My heart bleeds that they continue to rip people apart the way they do. I'd ask God why, but we were so fortunate to be delivered from there, that why seems the wrong question.

7. Speaking of the wrong question, this video...well. It's perfect 

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Maria said...

I love to quilt, but have no time for any more hobbies, right now yarn is taking over my house.