I've been poking around the internet a bit in my copious spare time...HA. There are a few things I am excited to try and/or participate in once we get all good and settled into our new place (twenty-five days...good heavens!). some of these have links, and some just new things that will be very very good.

* 31 Days in October - picking a theme is harder than I thought. I'm considering "Redeemed"

* Better money management. For the first time in our lives we are in a situation where we can be generous when we want. We can help people and causes we love. I want to do more of that. We aren't doing badly at all now, but we can be smarter, better stewards. I'm very much looking forward to the challenge.

*Living more simply. We purged, purged, purged last time we moved. We are purging even more this time around. Already we feel lighter. I'm excited to see what God does with more time, more space, more joy, more freedom - and it all comes with simplicity!

*Participating in Food Waste Friday.  Here's a developed world problem that SHAMES me: we throw away WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.  Personally, I'm convinced it's a sin. I plan to change it. Guilt means nothing; change matters.

*I'm considering -- considering mind you--a 365 photo blog starting the day we move into the new place. CONSIDERING.  I think Sept 1 is a great day to start things. It always feels like mini-New Year to me.

*Drawing. I miss it. It's how I will redeem some of the free time in my simpler life style.

*Consistent monthly goals.

*Running the four miles loop - VERY exciting!

* Fall

* Growing, learning, changing, stretching, loving, laughing, swimming, thinking, reading, being.  Life. It's such an amazing thing.


Sara said...

I would LOVE to see a 365 photos blogged! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Sara said...

Uhhh... which you REALIZE would be sooooo much easier if you had a smart phone. Just. Sayin.