Digging in to Today

Occasionally, life gets a bit overwhelming, and sitting down to this clean white space to fill it with anything resembling coherent strings of thought almost impossible.  Life is literally barreling along lately. We are living kind of between two houses, with just enough space in between to make it more than just a an easy trip from one to the other. School is in full swing, both here and in the public school realm, which means all the fall activities are getting ready to launch not to mention the brand new college ministry at the brand new campus building, there are trainings and parties and special services and practices and lunches and breakfasts and meetings to schedule and attend.

And this is life.

I find that I am consoling myself with countdowns - twenty days to this; twenty-six days to that; forty days to the next thing - but I don't prefer living looking ahead like that because it means I lose focus on the now, and there is always so much wonderful in right here. I don't want to miss it.

So I take deep breaths and look at this page and put words on it that serve as anchors: pulling me back to now, keeping me in today because today is the only day that really matters.

Abba, my shepherd, is mine. There is nothing else I need.

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