Moments (pt 2)

This week I got a new phone (on top of everything else) which meant I had to pull all the photos from my old phone. I thought I would share some of my favorites

Look but don't touch!

I love this picture of Hunky. He seldom relaxes but this is a truly relaxed moment. This was the inside wallpaper on my other phone for three years.

Desert Flower

What? You don't get up close and personal with frogs?

I like big TEETH and I cannot lie

My grandma. She got a new side table for Christmas that year. My Uncle filled the drawers with small liquor bottles. So, yes, that is a bottle of Jack in her hands.

This was the flood of '09. The water came up another 4-5 feet after this. That is Hunky in the canoe. We did eventually evacuate.

Dancing in the light

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Madame Rubies said...

Great pictures. I feel you on the rare relaxing husband.