Moving Day!

Moving Day is here! It's here! *skips about with glee* 

I mean, the moving part is kind of stinky. We're down to EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE UTTER CHAOS which I hate, but after today we go to, LET'S PUT EVERYTHING AWAY IN AN ORDERLY FASHION! Which I love.

But I had to come here and post this because (drum roll) I'm not sure when internet will be on over there. Now the cool thing is that until it is, I can skip up to church (because it takes about 3 minutes) and hop online there and make posts, but I probably won't be doing that for the next day or two. 

BUT (insert bigger drum roll) I am going to be posting pictures here:

I will even do more than one a day through the moving process so you can at least see some of what is happening! I won't be away long.  LOVE YA'LL!

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