The View from here: Thoughts on moving and other accumulated flotsam and jetsam

*This picture is literally my view as I write this post.  This is the phrase I keep repeating to myself over and over that this level of grace in my life is completely and utterly ridiculous.  I'm not sure how to live in this level of amazing yet, or maybe I'm just hoping that I'll never stop being this grateful.

*I thought I lived fairly simply (I'm no minimalist, but I like the idea of it) and pretty cleanly. Then we moved. Moving is humbling. My life has WAY TOO MUCH random crap.  And there is a LOT of dirt in the corners. It brings about a need to further purge purge purge, to reevaluate my lifestyle, and my cleaning schedule.

*We have an obscene number of gracious, generous, amazing wonderful friends. I do not believe even for one moment that any bit of this would be at all possible without every one of them.  God's grace has been so abundant and so apparent in our lives through this process. Again, it baffles me why I should be the recipient of so much grace.

*Painting an entire house in one week is a prodigious and exhausting undertaking, and every day I walk through these gorgeous rooms and realize how happy they make me.

*I'm always one to believe that seasons turn in their own time and that griping about the weather only serves to magnify your own misery while not doing a darn thing for the atmosphere. Still, 100* average temps and no rainfall for the month of August have worn me down. I'm begging for fall.

*My Hunky bought my love with Adirondack chairs.  I'm that cheap and easy. They make me blissfully, ridiculously happy.  As do the owl serenades and the bald eagle acrobatics that enjoy while sitting in them. Seriously? This life....who deserves such gifts?

*My dog...also deliriously happy with this new house AND getting to be outside OFF THE LEASH! He even voluntarily swam the other day. Crazy guy.

*We don't have a washer a dryer...still.

*I'm glad to be able to blog again. I really missed it.

* Everyone should celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day. We are going to make smores right now.


BK said...

Love this. So happy for you guys. :)

little red hen said...

I found you! I've thought about you often over the years but did not know where you went. I love your writing talent. Glad to see you are well. :)
I have changed my blog as well, it's now www.busylittleredhen.blogspot.com