What's in a name

Is it cheating to look back a bit and use that as a post? Today I made this comment on my Google+ (which I love)

I will never, not for one second say that this house we are in hasn't been absolutely amazing to us. It so has. But when I left Florida I left my pink kitchen and my orange dining room and my green and gold bedroom and my deep blue bathroom. These walls are white white white and clean. And there is nothing wrong with that. But today at my new home, I painted the hallway silvery blue, and the kitchen moss green. There is Sea Kiss and Chocolate Turtle and Arabian Sand and Orange Creamsicle still sitting sealed in their cans like joy waiting to explode on my walls. I missed color. A lot. I am so happy.

It's been a think-full day. A day of remembering and preparing, giving thanks and letting go. A good day.
The kind of day that deepens my roots in the flowing stream of Divine Grace of the Abba of all things.

How Deepening Years got its name (It's a link. Clickity click)

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