7 Quick Takes - Ed 12 (A Day Late and a Dollar Short)

1. It's been a very busy week. Not the bad kind of busy, the good kind where you laugh a lot and feel accomplished, and sometimes want to throw large appliances, and get to know new people, and try to listen hard for God's small nudges (and avoid his large 2x4 smackdowns), and watch lightning storms over the lake at 5am, and go to International Farmer's Markets, and a monastery, and read, and think, and re-evaluate, and have school, and have coffee, and have chips and salsa and cheese dip with your family in Macon.  In short, it's been quite a lovely packed week.

2. It's fall. Really fall. The temperatures here don't always reflect it, but the calendar says fall, fall, fall.  I love everything about fall.  I'm planning to make some radical shifts (starting slowly, of course) in my habits and though patterns as we go through this season. I have signed up for 31 Days of Change and my theme is 31 Days of Simply Living. Since I'm on a kick of making things simpler and more smooth, both inside and out, I thought it would be great to blog about it. What I need to do is get ahead a blog or two, because THAT would make things much more simple as well.

3. Facebook has worn me flat out this week. I am tired of the endless complaining about the changes, and even more tired of the sanctimonious ranting about the complaining.  I've been mentally reevaluating my facebook time for a while anyway, but this week sealed the deal. To be honest, I literally loathe the facebook changes, but the sanctimony preachers are correct: it is a free service. I am free to leave. So I am. I can't delete my account entirely because I distribute Amish cheese locally and have a business page through my account. But as far as browsing or sharing personal things. Nope. What this does mean is that I have to explore intentional ways of connecting with people whom I have enjoyed through facebook and keeping those line of communication open.  I'm actually excited about building better relationships now that I am not doing it in sound bites.

4. Yesterday we all went to Macon and had Mexican and bought books (using gift cards. We can do this because we got rid of 16 boxes of books before moving and yet another stack since moving). We took this picture and Olivia stole my sunglasses. I love that you can see the gorgeous blue sky and white puffy clouds reflected in all their glasses. It was a really good day.

5. I really really really want to be drawing again. I really really really must make the time this week.  Really.

6. Some of the minimalism blogs I read talk about a lifestyle of not making goals.  It's intriguing and I haven't read enough about the concept to speak intelligently of it. I am very goal oriented and find that without goals I tend to drift about aimlessly. I don't see any sign of aimlessness in the lives of the people who write these blogs. In fact they are quite productive people. It's something I will be thinking and reading more about. It has to do with having clear priorities and a life centered around those priorities enough that your life naturally heads in the direction of your internal goals, so much so that you no longer need a goal road map. I like it. I think it definitely has spiritual implications as well (imagine being so Christlike that to be like Jesus is more natural than to not be. Isn't that the goal). It's very thinkerly.

7. Lastly, this is my new favorite song. I absolutely adore it.

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Jen Raiche said...

Hey there! Found you from Conversion Diary. I totally agree about Facebook. Facebook, was something that totally drained me rather than helped me to become a better person. Sometimes, I log into my hubby's account, just to see what's going on. Each time I do, I am always thankful that I am no longer consumed by FB.

I totally agree that deep relationships are WAY more important than any Friend Count. Best of luck with those relationships!